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It is derived from earlier work studying decision processes termed MouseLab, and the original site is here. The design philosophy behind MouselabWEB is to allow process tracing in ordinary web browsing, causing a minimum of hassle on the part of the decision-maker. This currently requires the experimenter to build. Research Applications. MouselabWEB is a web-based version of MouseLab, which has been developed in the eighties for the DOS PC. MouseLab is still. The MouselabWEB designer is a simple and timesaving tool to construct MouselabWEB pages. It is programmed in HTML and javascript, and thus can be used.

boxfront: inactive: output serverside: Window Title: Check all form elements on submit for missing responses. Warning Text: Pre HTML. MouselabWEB Table. Frequently Asked Questions. Under construction. Questions. 1. Why do I need to register to download the files? 2. Why is there a counterbalancing scheme, do I. MouselabWEB Designerv. b. General Settings. expname: email: next Page: form: Open. Mouseover, Click. Close. Mouseout, Click (any), Click ( same).

consciousness from this research area. We discuss the applicability of two process tracing tools, namely Mouselab and eye-tracking, for studying intuitive decision making and assessing automatic behaviour. While Mouselab, in its traditional form, remains a tool more suitable for assessing deliberate processes, eye-tracking. MURDO HEPBURN: We are beyond excited to have Murdo Hepburn - Artist and DJ gracing the decks at MOUSELAB With recent sets in all kinds of spaces, from rooftops to basements, from Brixton Jamm to POW Brixton. Hepburn's sets pack a punch which is just too deep to miss - a unique blend of creativity and. MouselabWEB is a process tracing tool that can be used to monitor the information acquisition process of decision makers.


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