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Amazon digital order did not

Managing Your Account. Add & Manage Payment Methods · Reset Your Password · Add & Manage Addresses · Change Your Account Settings · Account Settings · Change Your Order Information · About Orders that Can't be Changed · About Problems Signing In; Problem with an Order? Cancel Items or Orders · Sign Out Of. To cancel an accidental Amazon Video order: Go to Your Digital Orders. Find the accidental order you'd like to cancel. Select Cancel Items. Choose a reason for the cancellation from the drop-down menu, and then click Cancel This Purchase. After the cancellation is complete, your refund is issued to the payment method. Purchases from Prime Video can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase provided you have not attempted to stream/download the video. For more information, go to Cancel an Accidental Prime Video Order. Tip: Prevent accidental purchases by setting parental controls. Parental controls restrict access to the Kindle Store.

The Online Returns Center allows you to return items you did not order. There are a few instances where you may receive something you didn't order: Gifts. Somebody may have sent you something as a gift. We only include a gift receipt in the shipment if the purchaser marked it as a gift when placing the order. If there isn't. Otherwise, you will receive an "Order ID not found" error message. Date: Select Order date or Expected ship date. "Range" options will vary depending on which date value is selected. Order Status: Options vary depending on which date value is selected. Fulfilled By: Fulfillment method, either seller fulfilled, Amazon fulfilled, . Digital Games, Software, & Online Courses. Buy a Digital Game or Software Download · Downloading Issues · Download and Install Your Order; ›More About Games, Software, & Online Courses.

When payment for a previous order is resolved with your next order, you'll see both charges applied to your payment method around the same time. This is not an extra charge—you're only charged for each Amazon Video order once. You can view payment details for all your Amazon Video orders from Your Digital Orders. To cancel an item or an entire order: Go to Your Orders. AmazonFresh and Digital orders appear separate. See the AmazonFresh Orders or Digital Orders tab. Click Cancel Items. For AmazonFresh orders, click View or Edit Order and delete items individually from your order. Once deleted, items are removed from your order. With parental controls, you can restrict access to the Kindle Store, Amazon Appstore, and more. See Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle E-Reader for e- reader details. For information about returns policies specific to Kindle content, go to Return and Refund Policies. Note: If you want to return an item that is not Kindle.


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