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A BNC is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks, much like a proxy. Using a BNC allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as the ability to route traffic through a specific location. A BNC can also be used to. ZNC is an IRC network bouncer or BNC. It can detach the client from the actual IRC server, and also from selected channels. Multiple clients from different locations can connect to a single ZNC account simultaneously and therefore appear under the same nickname on IRC. It supports SSL secured connections and IPv6. Welcome to the ZNC wiki where you may find and publish information about ZNC , an advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so an IRC client can disconnect/ reconnect without losing the chat session. Feel free to update pages which you think are improvable and don't hesitate to ask for help. Overview network.

Prelude: Q: Can I ask how you can give away free BNC's? (many people have asked this) A: All servers are donated for our use by the server owners, with the philosophy of helping to keep the internet and internet services FREE. Several servers already exist for other things, such as webhosting, IRCs, etc. ZNC is just. 6 Jun What is a BNC? A BNC is a program that is able to connect to IRC Servers and stay connected as if it were a normal client such as mIRC. They are usually run on remote servers which are kept online constantly in order to ensure the BNC does not disconnect from the IRC server. The purpose of a BNC is to. PanicBNC Provides Free Stable low latency IRC Bouncer (BNC) that provides BNC's for most networks, we currently have 12 servers in 8 countries.

16 Jan Think of a BNC as a stateful proxy. While simple proxy servers do not maintain connections or sessions after the client disconnects, a BNC maintains your connection on IRC even when your IRC client disconnects. To do so, BNC software must be running on a server, which your IRC client will connect to. An irc bouncer is a middleman between you and an irc network. It connects to a network like a normal client and instead of connecting directly to an irc network you connect to it. Usually you would set it up to log for you and show you some or all of the messages it received while you were disconnected. There is no match of ZNC if you need a bouncer(BNC) for an IRC server. You can host it yourself or there are multiple free IRC bouncer providers like (for e.g., LunarBNC), but hosting yourself would be a good solution since you have more control o.


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