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Silver, released in , is an action RPG for Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast and OS X. The game was produced by Infogrames initially for Windows, and later on the Dreamcast. The story focuses around a young warrior called David and his quest to retrieve his wife from the clutches of the villain Silver. On his journey he. Now, only one man can put a stop to Silver and his minions. That man is you, David, About This Game. Silver, a corrupt and sinister sorcerer, rules the land of Jarrah with an iron fist. He and his henchmen have abducted the village women as part of a pact with the almighty god, Apocalypse. Now, only one man can put a. After seeing Outcast on here it reminded me of a lost classic I played a while back called Silver. I was horrendously bad at it to begin with, and gave up around the time I was fighting an acid dragon. Recently, I reinstalled the game and came back to this, using someone else's savegame to pass the now impossible.

With Tom Baker, Quint Boa, Laurel Lefkow, David Yip. The evil sorcerer Silver kidnaps women from all over Jarrah to choose a new wife . David, whose wife was among the kidnapped women, joins the rebels and embarks on a quest to find the eight magic orbs and defeat Silver once and for all . During his adventures, he meets several people who help him and might even. 29 Sep And while Silver won't unseat Final Fantasy as the reigning champion, the game is nonetheless interesting in the way it attempts to rethink some of the genre's conventions. As the game begins Unfortunately, such a plan is utterly incompatible with the game's arcade-like combat system. Unless you've got.

6 Jul Console-style games are rare on the PC. That platform excels at deeper, more complex fare than one is likely to find on a video game system, thanks to its wide variety of input methods and its extensive hardware base. In particular, PC RPGs are known for stats and number crunching, while the typically. Silver's story is a familiar one as video game adventures go. The game's title character is a wicked sorcerer-emperor who oversees the world of Jarrah with an iron fist and a hard heart. One day, Silver orders that all the fair maidens of the land be brought before him so that he can select a new bride. His minions then round.


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